The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale features a variety of question types you’ll want to be familiar with if you hope to perform optimally on the test. Below we provide an explanation along with some example IQ test questions.

Vocabulary Testing

This is a verbal section of the testing. The test taker has to define a word that is given to them. Vocabulary words that are used are based on the age of the person taking the test. Another question in the vocabulary section asks the test taker to explain the likeness or difference of two words. When scoring these questions, if the subject provides no answer they are scored a 0, a simple answer gets 1 point and a more in-depth answer gets 2 points.

Example questions:

  1. Define the word subsequently
  2. Explain the likeness between cow and chicken

Perceptual Reasoning 

This test asks the test taker to turn the 2D image in the book into a 3D image using blocks provided. This not only tests perceptual reasoning but also fine motor skills and visual processing.

A pattern is given to the test taker and they then have to determine which part of the pattern comes next. The patterns continuously become more difficult.

Example question:

  1. The four images in the top row below are the beginning of a pattern. Which item of A, B, or C would be the fifth image in this pattern?

Perceptual Reasoning IQ Test Question Sample

Memory Testing

Testing the memory of the test taker is done when a series of numbers are told to them. They then have to repeat the series of numbers back. This assesses the memory of the test taker by gauging how well they recognize, remember and then repeat the numbers back. Patterns are sometimes used in the memory section of the test. The test taker is asked to recognize the next symbol in the pattern that they had just looked at.